Happy New Year!!!

We made it...Can't thank God enough.

   Happy New Year Lovelies.

Greater you, Greater me, Greater us. Masha Allah.
  I am beyond excited to do one of my fav hobbies this year like within a snap of my finger...haaaaaaaa(screams).
Lol! Allow me to be loud it's the first day in the year.
No time to beat around the bush spilling resolutions...tho I wish I shared that part with you early enough but o well I'd unleash as the days roll.
.......Started the new year turning up.
 There's always a family party on the 01/01's.
I'd be sharing my outfit and make over detail.
Right here:

Serving Monochrome...
A well tailored Iro and Buba Outfit.
Clad in a soft satin fabric from my world of fashion, (@gleemahfashionworld)
I hope you likey already....*Lovestruck* (Catch this feeling of excitement already)...that's how I feel about this brand new year.

Everything really does feel brand new.
I absolutely love how well I beat my face in few minutes.
Product Detail:
Brow: Anastasia Brow Wiz In Medium Brown.
Eyeshadow: Black Opal 08 Port.
                     Black Opal 03 Butternut.
                     Cocoa Matte Eyeshadow.
Liner: Elizabeth Helen Liquid Liner.
Water Line: C&B Charming Twinkling Shinning Eyeliner Pencil.
Mascara: Flamingo Extreme Lengthening Mascara.
Foundation: Glam Gals LF13.
Powder: L.A. Girl Pro.face Classic Tan.
Highlight: Milani Golden Beige.
                 Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder.
Contour: Sleek Face Contour Kit Dark886.
               Milani Deep Powder To Set.
Bronzer: Jioney Bronzing Blusher 003.
Blush: Sandalwood.
Lip Liner: Kate Of London In Red.
Lip Stick: Lime Crime Red Velvet.

I had fun today with family, I hope you did too.
I also ate in moderation. (team weightwatcher)

Thank you so much for stopping by.
Your comment means a lot to me.
I love you.

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