Missed this space.

Seasons Greetings!!!

 I have absolutely missed blogging.
It wasn't intentional....just had to lay low and figure things out. *Pardon me*.
It's the season to be merry..jolly..happy..reflect and more.
   O December why so fast *inserts shrug smiley*.
On a lighter note lovelies I took photos at my last outing with my primary school mates.
It was so fun hanging out with my long time buddies, I had so much fun.
Little time but it was epic..laughed a lot. yh
I bet you guys have been having so much fun...I miss you *Kisses*

  Watchu think about my outfit?

I think it's appropriate for a re-union.
Cc photos here:

 I have been up to many things...just like you sweety.
Missed this space.

Better agree with me that my outfit is appropriate.
I absolutely love my stone wash denim.
You can't go wrong with a pair of denim and a nice top.

 I took baby steps on my love for make up artistry.
 I can't wait for this new baby to grow.....Masha Allah.

It's so fun recreating looks...Shaylas look worked for me.
Din't wanna appear fierce, different...wanted the memories to come easy lol!
So I opted for nude.

Thank you for stopping by.
Your comments mean a lot to me. *Smiley*

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