Wedding guest so cream.

Hi glam  fam!

  New week..New blessings. (Amen)
  So it was TOD2016 yesterday. The wedding was super lit.
Loadz of important personalities, beautiful people, too much food, plenty fun, plenty Yoruba!

  So yeah it happened I gained so much weight in one month and trust me I don't feel guilty because I  totally lost it ....I got so busy I picked up bad habits....snacking on biscuits,stop overs at chicken republic for their crispy chicken hmmmm yum yum ...I am a foodie.ikr.
 The end result is am officialy a size 16...I knew it when i climbed my scale that morning.
  I had party clothes even some with tags, but the fitting was depressing, bulgy tummy and all. O well I must still have fun, am not gonna be too hard on myself. Had to shop for a new dress as my old clothes won't work.

Am not preaching embracing unnecessary weight gain but embracing your flaws.
Can't wait to share the good news of weight loss again...xx



I hope you like today's post,
Thank you for stopping by. *MWUAH*

Dress: 24diamondss
Sandal: Steve madden
Clutch: Gleemahfashionworld
Jewelry: Gleemahfashionworld

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  1. Wow!!gorgeous����

  2. Weight gain and loss is real and happens to the best of us. You still look very beautiful regardless. Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Thank you ma for your kind words...I hope you have a lovely weekend too.
      Much ♥️

  3. I love the look you look so effortlessly stunning and on point. x

    Tanaka x