Be lovely.

Happy weekend darlings!

 Am so glad I have been able to create more time for the blog, you won't believe I was down most of the week, it was really bad *Inserts sad smiley*. I worked from home throughout the week and I woke up feeling very lovely lol!.(blame me not for my choice of adjective)
    WAIT okay I think I just sounded a lil bit like fashion mama... Fahionably Idu.


 Here's how lovely looked.

Excited about my makeover progress...o fashion school I need you in my life.
I want to preach everything fashion like the gospel.
I love everything fashion.
It makes me happy.
My passion, My fashion.

My ankara fabric is a gift from my friends grandma...her grandma is so sweet...God bless all our parents.
I love you Mariam.
Spot my beautiful First Lady Luxury handbag by Amari's Dubai...MEHN am not exaggerating LUXURY AT IT'S BEST.

Be lovely, Live life and Be happy.

My eating habit is gradually improving...yeah I mentioned my serz weight gain in the last month.
No results yet...but I feel lighter and better.
let me slot in this for the improvement and a lil self bribe because I was down...I visited this hair gallery and their weaves where uglyyyy am not sorry and the prices were ridiculous ...O WOW...I love to buy but I have to get the worth of my money.(Any good hair shop referrals please?)

I hope you liked today's post.
Thank you for stopping by. *MWUAH*

Fabric: Ankara
Watch: Swatch
Bag: Gleemahfashionworld
Jewelery: Gleemahfashionworld
Wig: je_suis_emilola

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  1. Ok girl, you know you have me rotfl. I was just reading on and on until what??? LOL. Too funny but I have to say you look absolutely stunning in that maxi dress. I join you in saying thank you to Mariam. Cute bag too. Have a fantastic weekend beautiful.

  2. U look gorgeous in this dress. I love that 2nd pic u look beautiful. x x x