Hijabi style.

Hello glam dolls!

 I hope your week is going well...(good by his grace).
     Apologies I din't get to announce the retro t-shirt winner yesterday as promised.
Soooooo here goes our winner: A Gleemah Doll *Congrats girly*.
Girl you stole my heart with your google ID.
Please Email your phone number to:gleemah@gmail.com.

Yinka was the other participant...kindly email me too for a gleemah goody bag...thank you for participating.

 Back to today's post.

So I decided to do the Hijabi style yesterday....Omg!!!....I should dress like this more often...great compliments, the aura and everything that came with my look altogether was amazeballs.
I know you want to see pictures already.

There's something about modest dressing.
Very easy to pull.
My bubu dress is part of the ready-to-wear collection from my world of fashion.
It is very affordable and we use the service of superb tailors taking into consideration every little detail of our outfits.

I take selfies always....I know. *WINK*

I hope you liked today's post.
Thank you for stopping by. *MWUAH*

Handbag: Susen
Slippers: River Island
Glasses: Poshkollect
Bag charm: Poshkollect
Jewelry: Gleemahfashionworld
Pashmina: Gleemahfashionworld

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  1. I love this look and you look stunning.


    1. Thank you ma for stopping by...Have a great weekend.