Grid it baby.

Wassup glam fam?

   How's your week going? Wohoo weekend is almost here.

I have good news for you...after many requests from clients and friends for me to start up my ready-to-wear collection, I have finally succumbed. *YaY*

   Trust me no business is easy, you have to give it your best for great results....Got good tailors, pretty prints and did a whole lot of research concerning that line. (Nobody said it will be easy but then it's going to be worth it).

We'd be lauching the ready-to-wear line on the 22nd of June 2016. #Anticipate

Back to today's post.....Am blogging one of the styles from my ready-to-wear collection.
It's a grid chiffon fabric with a tilted shoulder and back slit.

I love easy wears, we have to be realistic with the very hot weather in Nigeria and manage it well by wearing super comfy clothings.

Grid it baby.
I know you are in love with the style already....shoulder tilt.

I love this print so much....I actually burnt the first I had while ironing and made!
I remember cursing the iron...yeah I could be dramatic like that but rili who was to blame the iron or me???

 It was very painful tho....

Switch it up from day to night with beautiful heels and a so so excited about our ready to wear collection.
If you will like to feature in the promo shoots...kindly send an email to
It's going to be fun... a fancy spot, a photographer, a make-up-artiste,food and yes you get to meet me in person.(I'd love to meet you *Smiles shylishly*)

O yes, the slit I mentioned it that sassy lady look.

Okay, so I wasn't exactly going to blog the day I took this photos but I just couldn't wait to share the good news....I was just going to grab some snacks at barcelos and the thought struck....and I beeped my very loyal photographer.(Mr Segun, he is also the chaffeur).

I hope you like today's post....thank you for stopping by.



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  1. You really did burn the first set you had. Lolol

    1.! Over it now.. There's a new one. *Smiles*
      Thank you for stopping by. *Mwuah*

  2. This is a beautiful piece and being a part of your collection makes it that much more special. Oh no, that iron, i'd have cussed too hahahaha. Lovely bag babe!

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. love this.hope there's something in the works for plus size divas!

    1. Hey doll!
      Yes definitely. Thank you for stopping by.