The wedding guest.

I love weddings, I love beautiful love stories....Love is life.

 Motee16 was lit, it was really amazing, food,great music, beautiful people.

   It was my friends wedding last saturday and I made up my mind to recycle my old clothes and be more creative with my I wore an oldie I got from my mama about two years ago and yes I WOWED and SLAYED. (Proud fashionista)

The message am trying to pass accross with this post is you do not always have to buy new that wardrobe I bet you still have a whole lot of pretty clothes you should rock.

My week's been super busy's just tuesday.(lol)

Photos right here:

I bet am not the only one who takes lots of selfies when going for an occassion right from the car till the end of the PARTY(Vain NO Self love)

Yes my mama's of the many clothes she rocked on her 50th birthday 2 years ago(GLORY)

She was so happy seeing me in her dress and went on and on telling her friends that's my dress.(proud mummy moment).

Thank you mama.

Anticipate our cubic zirconia, bridal and luxury jewelry collection at my world of fashion....I have uploaded some on our instagram and facebook pages @gleemahfashionworld.
 Am certain you will love.....we love  exquisite!

Paired my super embelleshed dress with pencil love the low back cut and slit on my dress.....SASSY

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  1. What a beautiful dress. Lovely outfit. <3 /Madison

  2. The post title makes me want to attend a wedding already. Somebody I know please invite me, lol. You sure slayed big girl! I love it so! Pretty sure everyone stared, ;).


  3. Thank you ma for stopping by.. Yes all eyes were on me.. lol!

  4. Indeed a gorgeous wedding party attire. Loved it a lot. My cousin had a destination wedding at beachside wedding venues in LA and I had a sequin dress for her big day. It was looking perfect as per party.

    1. Thanks for stopping by lovely...Am in love with sequin...the vintage, sparkly, girly it brings out.