Cucumbers are healthy.

Another lifestyle post darlings.

   Remember that saying is wealth.


    Basically healthy eating is one thing I have been struggling with but with discipline I will conquer (DID I HEAR YOU SAY "AMEN").
   Thought I share one of the majors my nutritionist included in my diet plan.
Am yet to embark on the diet journey but I have included some really healthy foods in my daily meals as a kick start.



   Cucumbers belong to the same botanical family as melons.
 It is a low calorie veggie. They are made up of mostly 95% water.
 It contains many nutritional benefits.

Benifts of cucumber 

1.It keeps you hydrated.
2.Aids in weight loss.
3.Helps disgestion. (It has great fiber content)
4.It reduces cholestrol.
5.Soothes muscle and joint pain.

6.It flushes out toxins. (Sweeps waste products out of your system)
7.Lavishes you with vitamins.
8.Good for diabetics.

Cucumber can be taken either blended or sliced.

Here it is....wash your cucumber, slice and eat. (Trust me it's not yummy but it is healthy)
Drink water alongside too.

                       Let's cultivate eating healthy.
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