work outfit inspired.

Hi glam fam!!!
   Weekend is almost over...ouch!
O well no food for a lazy man...get ur work mode activated.
  It's my second post this year...february God.

Am blogging a work inspired 2piece outfit today.
  So my friend owns a store and has been complaining about sales...hmmm.
I decided to help out and asked her to send an outfit she has large stock for and i'd blog for her and advertise on my social media pages.
Guess what???
It worked...I sold 7 pieces for my friend.

Back to today's post.
Photo's right here:

Stripes baby.
Two piece outfits are perfect for work.
Love me peplum anyday with a midi skirt.

Ever wondered about my new photo's Havilah an events center pretty close to my house.
Super spacious, beautiful, neat and! For whatever kinda event.

Outfit: Friends store
Bag: Celine
Shoes: Fitables
Accessories: Gleemahfashionworld

I hope you likey today's post.
Be inspired and make sure you dress real good this week.
Keep up with my daily fashion tips on any of my social media the icons to link you right there.

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  1. Good of you to help your friend out. You look gorgeous and sexy in that dress. Its huggin the right places. See baka!! Lol!!

    1. lol! ikr..thank you for stopping by.
      Have a great week ahead.

  2. Very cute dress, loving the black and white with the hint of color

  3. Great blog thanks for visiting :)

  4. Thats what friends are for, awesome. I love your pink accessories and you look stunning.

  5. Thank you fashionably Idu.
    Have an amazing weekend.

  6. Kudos to you for helping your friend. Love this classy look and thanks for the visit.

  7. Lovely post and outfit you look gorgeous