It's a new year.

Happy new year people!!!!
          It's a new year darlings *whoop whoop*.
      2015 was amazing amidst the lows, super grateful.....I hope 2016 will be more amazing.(Amen)
 I promise to make this space more fun.
Blogger feature, Owanbe(party) styles, DIY and more.
Let's do this together.

Stepping into the new year in style with my glam outfit.
I wore this outfit on the first monday of 2016

"Plain midi slit skirt paired with a floral print top".
My fashion goal is to SLAY all through the year.
What is yours?

    Photos right here:

    Slay is the goal. (Fashion)

Slits are edgy...look sassy with clothes on!

 Fashion tip: shop neutral colors of fashion items that will be useful to you.

...Style requires confidence.

Slit.....This skirt is an it from foschini.
Please who knows their new location in Lagos???
They stock up the trendiest and prettiest outfits *wink* refer me if you know some other cool stores that stock GLAM too.

Blouse: Gift
Skirt: Foschini
Bag: Celine
Slipper heel: Betsey johnson
Jewelry: Gleemahfashionworld

I hope you like today's post.
I remain your blogger, shopper and marketer.

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  1. Stunning pencil skirt. I love your bag babe. Have a great weekend.

  2. Thank you for stopping by..
    Have a great weekend!

  3. That's a fan red skirt. The slit is perfect. Slaying is a good resolution.

  4. Thank you Chineze for stopping by.