TLWE 2015

Hey glam fam!
The ladies wardrobe and exhibition held on the 25th of October at one of Lagos finest event centres Westown Hotel Opebi, Ikeja.
It was a fab show, loads of beautiful people, models, designers, exhibitors.
It was a fashion show with various designers showcasing their Super Fab Collections and YES I was involved as an exhibitor...showcasing my GLAM collection.

                I had so much fun food, artiste performances, the dope dj, met loads of beautiful people and yes good sales (who would wanna miss out on GLAM items at real affordable prices)!  !  !

     I took really few photos was caught up in the moment because I had a lot to do that day and yes amma create awareness next time about exhibitions and fashion shows that I'd be attending to make this space more fun.

Photos right here:

The aim of the ladies wardrobe and exhibition is to revive the African culture and promote the dignity of the African woman through fashion.

I rep GLEEMAH all day everyday.
Fashion...My Passion
               Obsessing my Cavalli Eyewear.
   Cavalli is bae but GLEEMAH is baest(lol)

  Watchu think bout introducing GLEEMAH branded tees?

T-shirt: Gleemah
Jean: Forever 21
Sandals: Atmosphere
Bag: Celine
Watch: Swatch
Eyewear: Cavalli

For beautiful people to indulge in from the GLEEMAHFASHIONWORLD  stand.

  My darling friend captured shopping moments...o well the clearest I got.

Still tuned to glam...

 I had one, two many press interviews and was losing my composure at some point...GOSH am a shy one.

Ladies never lose your composure.

TLWE 2015 was bam.
Invites to fashion shows and exhibitions are highly welcomed.
Thanks for stopping by LOVELIES

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