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Hello glam dolls!
      Today am blogging a healthy lifestyle is very important.
Healthy living is about making healthy choices everyday, healthy choices that keep us fit physically, mentally and spiritually.
Few tips on living a healthy lifestyle:
.Eat mindfully: Little portions, chew your food properly, balanced diets

.Keep hydrated: Drink enough water, avoid fizzy drinks, alcohol

.Get enough sleep: Have enough sleep for at least 7 hours daily

.Exercise: At least thrice a week (minimum of 30minutes)

So here is this sweet super healthy meal I prepared...
Check out recipe details below the photos.

Plain Basmati Rice With Sauce

 2 table spoons of dark soy sauce

2  table spoons of olive oil

1 table spoon of corn flour

1 serving spoon of water

2 cubes of maggi

sprinkle of garlic spice


Wash your Ponmo, fish, prawn , then boil till it's soft. (Add a little bit of salt)
Cut Irish potatoes into bits and boil till it's soft.
Cut your green pepper, red pepper, Onions and Tomatoes in fine strips
Put your oil on fire, add soy sauce.
Add and stir fry green pepper, red pepper, onions, tomatoes.
Add spice.
Add  ponmo, fish and prawn (still stir fry for 3 minutes)
Add your boiled potatoes
Add Corn flour having mixed it with water
Stir, leave to simmer for about 2minutes

You are done darling...serve with your basmati rice YUM

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