Chic Style.

Hallo glam fam!
     I bet we are doing great...definitely(by his grace).
  Today am blogging *Chic*.
As usual it's been busy days tryna make ends meet.
Been overdue for a check up at the opticians so I decided to book an appointment for today and yes I looked like a *chic*.

Ladies have fun always with your dress ups .
.Wear good clothes
.Dress pretty
.Take photos

Photos right here of my chic style:

lol! I know right I take photos everywhere.....I couldn't get my perfect frames outta the hundreds at the eyeclinic.
Chics are hard to satisfy.

WOHOOO...I bet you feeling me chic style!

Skirts and Tops are pretty easy a replay darling.
your accessories and shoes would give it the *chic* style look.

Cat eye design for eyewear is here to stay. simply  *chic*.


Sometimes let your scalp breathe...Style your own hair.

Top: Random
Skirt: Mrp
Slipper: Betsey johnson
Handbag: Celine
Jewelry: Viennois
Eyewear: Roberto cavalli

I hope you likey my *chic* style.
I remain your blogger/ shopper/ fashion marketer.

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  1. I'm in love with the cavalli sunnies darling. Your bag too. And did I mention your skirt? So beautiful.

    1. Thank you for stopping by lovely..Have a great weekend!

  2. Making ends meet is one of the hardest things in my life right now! It does not help that my kids think that money grows on trees, (I am aware that is used too often, but it is the truth!) You looked really nice, and stylish at your appointment! You most definitely have the *chic* style and you rock it.

    Randy Weaver @ True Fashionistas Resale

    1. God help us with tryna make ends meet. (Amen)
      Thank you for stopping by.