Fabric Fashion.

Hey darlings! !
  My latest obsession is owning fabrics and sewing to my desired style.
I love fabrics ranging from silk, satin, chiffon, ankara.
It's a trend thing too lately.
    My love for pretty prints made me include the sale of fabrics in my world of fashion:@Gleemahfashionworld.
Basically for now the kinds of fabrics we sell are:
  Today am blogging bout my look dressed in one of our pretty fabric collection.
Photos right here:

              Kiss me already.
  I wanted a pretty flowy dress off the fabric and my tailor did the do.
I'd hook you up nicely, if you need her.

          Watch: New look
           Hat: Fedora
           Bag: Chanel
           Fabric: Lip Silk

       You deserve to be happy always.
        Wear good clothes.
          Stay fashionable.

      Summer fashion...pop of colors.. toned down with the black pair.


 Wear pretty accessories.
Wearing few but yeah few pops too.
Accessories from gleemahfashionworld

Sunnies: Gleemahfashionworld
Sandals: Gleemahfashionworld

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