Sassy Shopper.

Hello Fashion Lovers!
   I bring to you details of my quick photos for the blog.
What I wore on my shopper duty? ?
   Monday was a busy day, new clients alerts...whooosh!
Had loads of shopping to do for my various clients. I took a little time off  to take photos of what I wore, I was so feeling myself yesterday.

 Pictures right here:

    Slits are super sexy.
    Something midi and denim was the look
    I bet you feel me too now!

    My wig is ever useful on bad hair days.

Denim sleeveless shirt top:MRP
Midi skirt: News 
Sandal heels: M&S autograph suede sandals
Anklet: Gleemahfashionworld
Mini bag: Susen
Wristwatch: Activa by Invicta

O yeah been obessessing lately with House Of Taras lippy collection.
I have on 'Jemila'.
The names of the lippys tho!!!
It's longlasting and I like to line afterwards with my light brown jordana pencil and go over again with the lipstick for a darker look and longlasting effect.
This selfie is for you make up lovers.

 Am a fun lady like that...Just a pose.

            No rules when it comes to style.
            I was super comfy all day...the shoes!

           Thank you for stopping by.
            I hope you like today's post.

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  1. Lovely. Well done girl. Enjoyed the post. Xoxo

  2. I love your skirt. And the whole red matching thingy. You got a lovely sense of style. Always effortless

  3. GORGEOUS!!!

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