My ankara .. My style.

Hello fashion lovers!
   Today am blogging about my ankara fabric and style I designed for my tailor.
Ankara fabric popularly called 'African print' is a beautiful must have.
Ranging from various colors, prints and designs..
It can be worn for regular outings, special and formal occasions.

 My style fits regular outing but you can spice it up with accessories, heels, a clutch and switch to the special / formal way.

Here's what my style looks like......

My style: crop blouse and a slited long skirt.


                                    Elastic banded skirts hides your belly sorta lol!

How I love this mini susen bag.
Fashion slippers are too comfy... easy easy fashion!


Gleemahfashionworld hooked me up with these accessories.
Contact details to shop urs: Bbpin: 25BC738F
Instagram / Facebook / Twitter: @gleemahfashionworld

The weather in Lagos is pretty hot...took out my braids in a week.
Fixed my natural hair to the back with a bobby pin.

View my pretty crop blouse..
Show some skin.

Define your style..
Am in love with this 2 piece outfit.
Forgot to take the shades off..the sun out there was serious.


I hope you like today's post.
Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Thanks darling @Damilola Oladele.

  2. It's lovely. Definitely making this style for the those days when Jeans isn't just working. Thanks dear

    1. Thanks dear. Glad you like.. Yes to fashion inspiration. *wohoo*

  3. It looks lovely..but i wish the skirt was a little bit fitted..buh it still looks beautiful

  4. Thanks for stopping by @glowy shoe.
    Am plus-size fitted doesn't work for me always...days like that you switch it.Xx

  5. Beautiful outfit. Though the crop to is not so crop top. Lol. The fear of our Nigerian parents is the beginning of wisdom. Lol.

    I like the ankara in this style. Btw happy birthday darling.

    1. Lmao @ the fear of our Nigerian Parents.
      Bless you. Thanks for stopping by.

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