My Danshiki Dress.

Hey Dolls!
.......Danshiki is one fabric that doesn't go out of trend.
I love the pop of colors on it....
It's an easy simple fashion wear....
It's a must have in your wardrobe collection....
Went shopping for a client this weekend and I stumbled on this colorful Danshiki dress, have had loads of 'Danshikis' in the past but I basically wear them on dress down days...did i just say dress!
yeah because it's an easy fashion piece.
U can look simply gorgeous on dress down days too.

pictures here:

Get your mani -pedi done's lady like.

Slippers:From the affordable store

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  1. Who's your doll?? Yimz... About the outfit. Definitely something I'd get for my girlfriend. I'd like her dress simple but elegant

    1. Why you gotta be anonymous..*music* lol!
      Thanks for stopping by @anonymous

  2. Beautiful dress... love dat hand bag....

  3. Thank you. @Jennifer Ogoo Okolo.