Weekly Trad Outfit Post.

Traditional outfits traditional outfits!
We Africans are known for our gorgeous fabrics and prints and we love to party...
       Here are pictures of gorgeous ladies who look 'stunningly stunning' in their various outfits.
Kudos to your fashion designers.

Her buba hand flatters the blouse and wrapper.
Her make up and gold earrings match so well with her fabric and gele.

 I love her ankara top with the pop of colors.
Her outfit choice is a multipurpose one...could wear this for so many occasions: a wedding, church etc

 White is classy.. 
she speaks class.. her jewelry is bespoke.

 I love the dress.. the space underneath where the lining stops is cool.
Simple yet gorgeous.
 Not gele everytime.

Her sequined skirt is the sparkle.
Well tailored blouse.
Let's stay tuned to good fashion only.
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XO beautiful people!

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